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HexArmor 4045
General Search & Duty Gloves
Protective Apron 20 in. x 22 in. Heavy Duty
9 in. Arm Guard
Sizes S-XL
Emergency Oxygen Unit

Safety Equipment, LLC specializes in high quality products designed for public and private high risk use. Our premiere product is the HexArmor® 4045 High Performance General Search and Duty Glove.

The HexArmor 4045 is the optimum choice for high risk search and seizure applications. Gloves provide ISEA Level 5 cut resistance on enhanced areas and additional needlestick protection on fingertips allowing users to complete difficult and dangerous procedures. Reduce hand injury threats and be able to stay on-duty with innovative HexArmor enforcement products.

HexArmor Products Performance Advantage
HexArmor utilizes variations of SuperFabric® technologies that are directly integrated into high-performance products (gloves, arm and body protection) through different patterns of cut/sewn and direct print technologies and processes.
Innovative Cut Resistance
HexArmor® products offer industry leading cut protection through the innovative use of SuperFabric® materials. Performance is enhanced through the configuration of tiny guard plates which provide resistance to lacerations and slashes like no other material on the market.
  • ISEA/ANSI (ASTM) Level 5
  • CE (EN388) Level 5
  • Sharp hazards such as blades, razors, glass,and wood are deflected away from the user
  • Won’t snag like typical fabrics
Industrial Puncture Resistance
HexArmor® products engineered with SuperFabric® materials to deflect and block blunt force industrial puncture hazards by limiting the space between the guard plates.
  • Guard plate configurations allow industry leading puncture protection from nails, slivers, and wires
  • Spacing between guard plates provides needed flexibility without sacrificing performance
  • Due to inherent construction, conventional materials such as cotton, leather, aramids, and nylon are unable to stop sharp objects from penetrating through the material
Unique Nedle Resistance
HexArmor® needlestick products utilize multiple layers of SuperFabric® material in order to achieve incredibly high puncture resistance that a is also uniquely flexible.
  • Layered guard plates arrest, trap, and block needles and other hazards
  • Products are tested using actual 25 gauge needles to deliver the highest levels of relevant protection
  • Traditional woven products are easily penetrated by sharps and needles that push fibers aside with little resistance